Kelly Schloer

Kelly Schloer is a Renowned  Master Medium, Sacred Channel, Animal Communicator, Author and Spiritual Coach.  If you are missing a loved one and looking for a connection,  Kelly is the Medium to see. Kelly serves as a bridge between you and spirit to offer messages of love, comfort, hope and healing.
Kelly is a master level medium and channel. Do not miss out on this special way to hear from your loved ones in spirit. There are just a few channelling mediums in the world and Kelly is one of the best.
To learn more about Kelly please check out her facebook page Readings By Kelly. Kelly has written her first book "Gifts From Spirit" which is available on Amazon. Kelly is now working on her next book Blessings from heaven.

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About Kelly Schloer Events

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  • Readings are not guaranteed at group events. Be aware of this before you purchase tickets.Events are non- refundable and may sell out in advance.
  • Exchanges are not permitted.
  • Ticket sales for events end at noon or sometimes earlier on the day of the event. 
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  • For more information about Kelly, visit kellyschloer.net
  • Online reading events have three categories: A Gathering with Spirit is up to 99 attendees, An Evening with Spirit is up to 20 attendees, and An Intimate  is up to 6 attendees. Prices vary by category.

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