Hey everyone! Let's have some fun together during the weekend leading up to Halloween! We've got a huge party in store that we've dubbed 'Keel-o-Ween' featuring The Larry Keel Experience and it's sure to produce some spooky good times! 
The Larry Keel Experience be playing 10/28 at the Blue Side Tavern in Frederick, MD. For Keel-O-Ween, the LKE will be spicing up the night with set list song selections featuring Keel's original music and interesting cover selections.  
The band will be drawing their costume themes from characters or topics from Keel's actual songs.  Now it’s up to you, the fan, to DIG DEEP into the repertoire and join us in this theatrical, role-playing adventure called 'Keel-o-Ween'! 
The possibilities are pretty endless!! Here's to celebrating the Hallowed Saints, and here's to celebrating imagination and a magical musical PARTY weekend! Age 21+ Show. Doors: 7:30PM, Showtime: 9:30PM $17.50 Advance, $20 At The Door


Love Canon doesn't cover the music of the '80s as much as kidnap it and take it on a bluegrass-tinged joyride. It's a general rule of American culture that it takes 20-40 years for a decade to shed its stale stench and get its groove back. There's no shortage of clever musical re-enactors giving the first generation of MTV an ironic makeover: a fool's errand, given that the music already was soaked in postmodern irony.
By contrast, Love Canon refreshes and extends the originals with affectionate humor and effortless virtuosity. The players — including Old School Freight Train's Jesse Harper and Darrell Muller, Virginia Commonwealth University guitar and banjo master Adam Larrabee, Mandolin Virtuoso Andy Thacker, and dobro Jedi Jay Starling — add layers of depth to the still-appealing pop hooks. Age 21+ Show. Doors: 7:30PM, Showtime: 9:30PM $17.50 Advance, $20 At The Door


Details Coming Soon!

The Blue Side Tavern

6 South Bentz Street, Frederick, MD

The Blue Side is a place to celebrate what we love about America and its culture. From our world-changing traditions of soulful Americana music to classic Southeast-American cuisine with a creative spicing-up, and our rich heritage of ground breaking American brewing and distilling techniques, we hope you experience some of what we feel makes America great!

For more information on The Blue Side, and their full event calendar, visit them at: thebluesidetavern.com/